Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mass DOR Enhances Online Feature for Correcting Returns and Disputing Tax Bills

(Boston, MA)-Massachusetts Revenue Commissioner Amy Pitter announced that the Department of Revenue has enhanced its online application to amend income tax returns and appeal a tax bill or penalty giving thousands more taxpayers’ access to this quicker processing service.

“We know from our experience with income tax returns, that if you offer a more convenient, safer and faster way to file, taxpayers will utilize the electronic service,” said Commissioner Pitter. “The enhancements to our online “WebFile for Income” give more taxpayers the opportunity to have amendments or appeals of their income tax returns resolved quicker because DOR can process them more efficiently.”

The enhanced online feature which can be found at WebFile for Income allows taxpayers to adjust more line items and dispute assessed taxes, penalties and audit assessments on previously filed personal income tax returns and will also include:

  • Disputing health care penalties
  • Changing filing status
  • Changing residency status
  • Changes in assessments resulting from federal tax changes
  • Changes in assessments generated by an audit

In a typical year, DOR will receive more than 74,000 income abatement requests, 90% of them filed on the CA-6 paper form and mailed. Since DOR gives web applications priority, examiners process online applications in about half the time it takes to examine a paper application which often requires additional information or backup documentation to resolve the case.

As more taxpayers utilize the online applications, Commissioner Pitter noted that the web enhancements will allow DOR examiners to analyze approval rates for certain amended returns and eventually fast track those cases so taxpayers can get their refunds in three to seven days.

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