Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Journal from the National Conference - Day 3

It's Tuesday and this morning I woke up ready for more taxing information! Today's sessions went well. I learned about Form 1041, filing of Powers of Attorney and different ways to figure out all the ways the IRS receives information, like W2s & 1099's, etc.

We were treated to a great lunch and spent part of the day visiting the many vendors in attendance. I think I finally got a stapler that will work easily through those large tax returns I am always struggling with.

Chapter Showcase

Tonight was the Chapter Showcase evening, which is always a ton of fun!! All the Chapters display their states in so many different ways. Lots of raffles are held (sad to say I won nothing but the money goes to a good cause). Some states have games to play at their tables and go all out with their displays. This year, Louisiana won for the best display. They showcased the BAYOU of their state complete with music and strange characters meandering about the hall.

Our Chapter Showcase table raised $212.00 for the Arizona Children's Association, and all of the money raised this evening goes to the charity. We are all anxious for Thursday night's announcement of the total raised for this great cause.

The MA/RI State Chapter Showcase Table with Nina Marcinowski and Chapter Vice President Walter Matisewski

Well time to rest and get ready for another full day tomorrow!

-Christine Miarecki, MA/RI Chapter President

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