Thursday, July 11, 2013

Journal from the National Conference - Day 4


Did I get your attention? Melinda Garvin got mine today at the session on Audit Proofing Your Office, it was a little scary, I thought I was quite secure but after her class realize I still have much to do in that area.

Our offices are under the IRS microscope and we are being audited. Thousands of our offices are being targeted each year.

We should all take this slow time to review Circular 230 which has procedures for securing our clients information. The IRS has publications to help us secure our offices. One is Pub 4600-Safeguarding Taxpayer Information another is Pub 4557-Safeguarding Taxpayer Data-A Guide for your Business.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a guide to Copier Security, yes even those need to be secured, you can get their publication at

I know it may sound like overkill but after this class I am aware that the IRS is checking our offices and procedures so better to prepare before you get a letter announcing a visit from the IRS.

All sessions went well today and we ended the day with a MA/RI Chapter Get Together , which was a great opportunity to connect with other Chapter members. We were also pleased that Dot Atchison from the National Board was able to join us for the gathering. Dot will be our National Rep at the October Annual Meeting.

MA/RI Chapter Get Together at National

MA/RI Chapter Get Together at National

Well last day tomorrow, classes and banquet then head home to digest all the weeks events.

-Christine Miarecki, MA/RI Chapter President

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