Monday, July 8, 2013

Journal from the National Conference - Day 1

Sunday was a day for Chapter Leaders to attend various breakout sessions, I am very happy to say we had 7 of our Chapter Leaders in attendance . National had a new format this year, sessions geared to officer positions, and it worked well. I guess to someone looking in, it appears to be a gabfest, but in actuality it is a great way to see how others work within their chapters on many issues. All in all it was a productive afternoon .

It was great to be introduced to the newest Chapter President, Alaska is now the 40th State Chapter of NATP!

The day ended with everyone going back to their rooms to review the schedule for Monday, the first day of much is offered it is a task to get it completed!

Oh yes,the venue is beautiful, it is like an oasis in the desert, mountains in the distance, palm trees and cacti all around and it is HOT!HOT! HOT! Dry heat or New England heat,110 degrees is stay inside weather  for me!

Time to get ready for first session, annual meeting and current developments, more tomorrow!

-Christine Miarecki, MA/RI Chapter President

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