Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sharing a MA Tax Connect Experience

William Delaney, EA
Your Editor accessed a client account intending to make a MA withholding tax payment for Nov. 2015.  However, there were no unfiled months available (i.e. Nov. could not be accessed).  It was my only SEASONAL FILER client.  Under the “old” system, all 12 months could be filed, even if zero.  Under the “new” system, I suspected that this was not so.  Last Wed. I e-mailed as instructed on the web site and explained my problem.  As of the following Monday, there was no response (why was I not surprised?).

So, I called the DOR and went through the multiple options menu, multiple times, and was placed on hold.  Had to listen to loud, loud music (how else do you know when a representative is available---you can’t shut the thing down).  Finally, a ring, but it then disconnected!  Tried again and received a message---too many callers, try again later.
Tried again, went through the options, etc., was put on hold (again, loud music), finally reached someone who was able to switch the client to MONTHLY.  Under the “new” system, if you are set-up as SEASONAL (let’s say April thru Oct.), the system will deny access to any other month, even if the taxpayer has wages/withholding for that month.

Was trying to avoid the type of long phone delay experience which we must deal with at the IRS, but it now appears that the MA DOR is moving in that same direction.  One step forward (new system) and two steps backward (difficult to get through to “them’).  Your Editor recently read that the MA DOR staff was reduced by 1/6 as a result of the Governor’s early retirement incentive.  I fear that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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