Thursday, December 10, 2015

New MA Gambling Deduction and Withholding Requirements

MA DOR TIR 15-14 explains the new MA gambling deduction as well as gambling tax reporting and withholding requirements.

The new MA gaming deduction is restricted to MA based casino and racing losses to the extent that they can be matched to MA source casino and racing winnings. MA casino winnings are taxed as MA sourced income for residents and non-residents alike. MA defines gaming occasions and record keeping requirements the same as the IRS.

Although much attention is paid to gambling establishments, make note that TIR 15-124 also identifies beano gaming and raffles. Within ten days of an event, information returns must be filed with DOR with names and addresses when winnings exceed the threshold for that activity. A 5% MA withholding rate is required when state lottery winnings exceed $600, bingo $1,200, slots $1,200, keno $1,500, beano $500 and table games $5,000.

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