Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tax Year 2016 NYS Driver License Requirement: Overview and FAQs

We heard about similar requirements are recent update seminar in Sturbridge last week...

The New York State Tax Department, in partnership and collaboration with the IRS and other states, continually assesses and improves its fraud deterrence systems for the mutual benefit of the State and its taxpayers, including the tax professional community.

This year, we’ve taken the step of requiring an additional verification measure in personal income tax preparation software: the collection of driver license and state-issued ID information.

Historically, our process of informing the tax preparation community about new requirements has been to communicate and work with tax preparation software developers; test for their compliance before approving; and then notify tax professionals upon issuing each year’s updated Publication 93, New York State Personal Income Tax Modernized e-File (MeF) Guide For Return Preparers For Tax Year 2016.

This year, through the attention of the tax professional community, we’ve recognized an opportunity to enhance our communication with this group to provide accurate and consistent information about upcoming changes such as this requirement. The Driver License Requirement for Tax Year 2016 document, also available on the Tax Professionals landing page, is one of multiple communications steps we’re taking moving forward.

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