Friday, January 23, 2015

PTIN Letters to Tax Pros

The IRS began sending expiration notices to PTIN holders who have not yet renewed their PTIN for 2015. If you received a notice, you can still renew your PTIN online at any time. Until you renew, your PTIN status is expired. Also, the IRS recently sent notices through the PTIN system to a handful of PTIN holders identified to have invalid addresses. They are asking them to log into their account, review and update the information.

To date, approximately 635,000 tax return preparers have valid PTINs for tax year 2015.

e-help Desk Service Change

Because of budget restrictions, the IRS e-help Desk is discontinuing extended weekday hours, Saturday hours and President’s Day service. The e-help Desk assists tax professionals with non-account related questions and issues concerning electronic products such as e-Services and electronic filing. The e-help desk page lists the current hours of service.

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