Friday, January 16, 2015

Massachusetts Form 1099 Filing Requirement?

What’s New In MA.  Something which isn’t so new but it is news to Bill Delaney.  Read on…

Since tax year 2009, MA has required that copies of federal 1099 forms be transmitted to the state each year.  There is an electronic filing requirement for 50 or more forms.

What Bill did not know is that there is also a paper filing requirement for fewer than 50 forms.

How can this be (said Bill)?  There isn't a state transmittal form---where would you send them.

Well, it turns out that there is a transmittal form.  It is a copy of the federal form 1096, sent along with state copies of forms 1099 to:

Mass. Dept. of Revenue
PO Box 7045
Boston, MA 02204-7045

See DOR Filing Requirements for Form 1099 on the state web site.

Our thanks to NATP member Andy Decina of Framingham for this information.

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