Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Preparing Any Returns in New York? You Will Need to Register

The NYS Continuing Education and Tax Preparer 
registration is now open!

Any preparer who prepares one or more NYS tax returns must register as a NYS Tax Preparer and complete the Continuing Education requirement through their Online Services account.

If the preparer has registered in a previous year, they must complete the 4-hour course. If the preparer is registering for the first time, they must complete the 16-hour course.

These courses are only available through the NYS Tax Dept. website. No other group can teach these courses. Federal/state tax topics provided by NATP or the NY Chapter do not quality for these credits. Only the NYS DTF offers these credits and currently they are only available online.

EA, CPA, PA and attorneys, and any employee directly supervised by the above are considered exempt from this registration and CE requirement.

If you have additional questions regarding this requirement, please contact newyorknatp@gmail.com for more information.

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