Thursday, October 29, 2015

Big benefits coming 11/30 with new filing system – MassTaxConnect

We are now one month away from the launch of MassTaxConnect, DOR’s newest electronic system
 that will make filing and paying state taxes simpler, quicker, and more efficient than ever before.

MassTaxConnect will replace WebFile for Business on November 30th, 2015. On that day, you’ll be able to log-on to MassTaxConnect using your existing WebFile for Business username and password. What’s more, all of your accounts and third-party delegations will automatically transfer over to MassTaxConnect. As we get closer to 11/30, we’ll be sending you more information on how to access and use the new system
. Take note, we will roll out MassTaxConnect to personal income taxpayers in early 2017, if not sooner.
New functionalities and benefits
MassTaxConnect offers you all of the things you like about WebFile for Business, plus a range of new functionalities
 that will benefit you as a business taxpayer or practitioner:
  • Choose to file early and schedule your payments in advance
  • Choose from several online payment options with automatic confirmations
  • Automatic tax rate adjustments, calculations, and correction of common errors
  • Returns can be amended through the electronic filing system
  • Send secure e-message requests—with attachments—for information or help with your account
  • Request and print prior electronically filed returns
  • Ability to save returns to be retrieved and completed later
  • Autofill dropdown options for recurring information
  • Access your account summary information, including tax bills, returns, notices, or letters from DOR 24 hours a day

MassTaxConnect improves upon DOR’s cybersecurity protocols to protect sensitive taxpayer information from identity thieves and other criminals. DOR will no longer use personally identifiable information (e.g. social security numbers, employee identification numbers) on any correspondence, and will instead use a randomly assigned 14-digit account number. The new system will also require two-factor authentication (i.e. sending a special code to your email the first time you log-in) to provide an additional layer of security.
(i.e. sending an authentication code to your phone or email, see sample below)
Perhaps most importantly, the technology behind MassTaxConnect is a proven-winner in identifying cybersecurity attacks early and preventing them from happening in the first place.

Corporate Filers and Modernized e-File 
Are you a corporation that files taxes with the Commonwealth? Or are you a practitioner that does so on behalf of a corporation? With the advent of MassTaxConnect, DOR is changing how it processes corporate returns to fall in line with most other states by moving to the IRS’ “Modernized E-file Gateway.” This will mostly impact software vendors that file on behalf of corporations.

New electronic filing options and requirements
Unlike WebFile for Business, MassTaxConnect will now allow taxpayers and tax practitioners to file most, if not all, tax types electronically. Further, DOR will be expanding its electronic filing requirements, which will reduce processing costs and make filing quicker for business taxpayers. For more information, please review this technical information release

Do you have questions about the transition to MassTaxConnect? Check out this FAQ page
 for more information. Still can’t find the answer to your question? Email us with your query.

Visit the MassTaxConnect page
 on our website for general information and news about the benefits coming your way. Check back often for updates!

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