Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Introducing MassTaxConnect

Most corporate and business taxpayers will take advantage of DOR's enhanced tax portal this year MassTaxConnect is the new electronic filing portal for the Department of Revenue. By the end of 2015, corporate, withholding, sales, meals, fuels and cigarette excise taxpayers will be among those given access to this new portal. Active WebFile for Business users will sign in to MassTaxConnect with their current user name and password. Taxpayers who've never used WebFile for Business can easily register online. MassTaxConnect is expected to be available to all taxpayers, including individual income, by the end of 2017.
What will be new and different? Plenty.
  • Taxpayers can file and pay most business taxes through MassTaxConnect
  • There will be more credit card payment options
  • Third party access to account information can be arranged electronically by taxpayers
  • Taxpayers can view and print DOR letters or notices
  • Secure e-messages can be sent to DOR with attachments.
Communications will be sent to taxpayers directly, and through messages on WebFile for Business, prior to the rollout. Information will also be available online. A preview of the new portal will be available online in the next couple of weeks and we'll ask you to take a look and give us some feedback. We are also looking for volunteers to test drive the enhanced features of the new portal in August. If you are interested, please let us know atDOR360@dor.state.ma.us.

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