Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Highlights From NATP Annual Conference

Chris Miarecki
Compliments of Christine Miarecki, Immediate Past President of the Chapter, here are some highlights from the NATP Annual Conference held in Orlando last week.

There were 7 members from the Board of Directors there on Sunday to attend the Leadership Sessions held prior to the opening of the conference.

One of the most interesting sessions informed us that the IRS has formed a new division which is now auditing the groups who offer education. The National Office has already been audited and it appears the state chapters will also be audited over the next 2-3 years. The scope of what they are looking for is that procedures are in place and being followed regarding attendance, speaker qualifications, etc.

Since our programs must be approved by the IRS we know our speakers are highly qualified and we are following the requirements for attendance. We need your cooperation to make our programs run smoothly. We must have your PTIN and you must sign in for the sessions in order to receive your credits. These are the regulations which the IRS has put in place so please understand that we need to follow these rules or run the risk of losing our ability to offer education seminars. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

As usual all of the classes that were offered for the week were excellent , great instructors who are so knowledgeable and so willing to answer questions. It is so difficult to chose what sessions to attend but somehow every day was filled and by Thursday afternoon my head was a jumble of information to be sorted out slowly.

I highly recommend attending the National Conference, it is a wonderful opportunity for education and more importantly meeting fellow preparers from all over the country. It is also good to hear that your problem clients are not unique and it helps to hear how others handle those situations that cross our desks daily.

Another issue that ran throughout the whole conference was office security and keeping your clients information protected. This is an area that the IRS is also looking at, making sure preparers are following the regulations to protect their clients.

Well those are some of the highlights, hope to see you in October at our Annual Chapter Meeting and Education Session in Mansfield.

I am happy to answer any questions or hear your ideas for our Chapter, National Conference or general information.

2015 National Conference will be held in New Orleans, please give some thought to attending you will not be sorry. This was my 10th conference, first was Boston and I was hooked.

Enjoy some photos!

Orlando Marriott Resort - View From Room Balcony

Orlando Marriott Resort - Storm Rolling In

"Reaching Your Summit" Leadership Session

"Reaching Your Summit" Leadership Session

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