Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Commissioner Pitter launched DOR 360, her signature initiative to open communication lines between DOR and its stakeholders, almost one year ago and a key component of the initiative is monitoring the quality of DOR's customer service.   The Commissioner wants to know how well the department is serving the DOR community.  To answer that question, DOR launched a series of surveys this year.  The results are being carefully reviewed and changes are being made.

Guidance is an essential resource for taxpayers and practitioners and it is important for us to hear how you utilize DOR?s guidance.  Accordingly, we are requesting that you complete this DOR Tax Guidance Survey. We would very much appreciate your input.

Please tell us about your experience with DOR's guidance

By taking this survey, you will provide DOR with important feedback on what you believe works, what needs improvement, and perhaps what should be eliminated.


The survey will take approximately three minutes to complete.


This survey is completely anonymous, unless you choose to provide us with contact information for follow up and that contact information will be shared with no one outside DOR.  We ask for contact information because we learn so much from the survey responses and sometimes that generates new questions we had not considered.  It is helpful to have the opportunity for more discussion on a particular issue.

Results will be published

The overall results of the survey will be published on the DOR website.

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